3 Major Challenges in the Music Industry

Working in the music industry is difficult and requires artists to push for themselves and their music. Disappointment is bound to happened in the beginning and learning from bumps in the road is critical. Here are three major challenges artists face:

  1. Lack of response to their music. Artists often don’t get enough responses to their music. The lack of response is often because artists are spending the majority of their time producing rather than promoting their music.

  2. Promoting music effectively: Music discovery is critical. Music artists often don’t get enough responses to their music. When using social media it is important to make sure your accounts are well managed and are being used effectively. Using social media as a tool is extremely important, however, just because artists have followers does not mean that they will download and purchase the music, or come to a concert. Artists should be utilizing other digital platforms that will help their music be played more often.

3)Budget: Artists often spend most of their money creating their music and save very little for promoting their music. Their is a false sense that working hard on the music will lead to getting paid and promotion. It is critical that artists save money to promote their music. Promoting music is one of the most important aspects of making their music known. No one will become a fan until they have heard the artists music; exposure is key to building a fan base.


While there are many challenges within the music industry, promoting music effectively, creating a fan base, and saving money for promotion is critical for music discovery and exposure.