5 ways to promote your music from perspectives of industry influencers

You as an artist are not much different from the other professionals on the business side of the music industry. Like you, they have a product or service that they are looking to promote and have their own unique tools and methods to do so. Here are different ways to promote your music from the perspective of five types of industry influencers.

The digital marketer

The level of impact your digital presence has on your potential to be successful cannot be understated. It is a given that most music is now promoted, discovered, and listened to online, which has become the place for modern radio promotion. As an artist, it is critical to make yourself discoverable on every platform possible, including streaming services, social networks, and your own website.

You can benefit from learning about the various tools and techniques digital marketers use to make the most of these platforms. For example, social media management tools, SEO techniques for your artist website, and optimal keywords to attach to your song on streaming services like 8tracks and Soundcloud.

The traditional marketer

While digital has now become king, there are still offline techniques you can use that have been proven to work. To keep it cost-effective, you should focus on your local music scene. Attend nearby shows whenever you can - this is a great opportunity to see what is out there, have fun, and network. You will get to meet both professionals in the industry as well as other artists. Additionally, fans at concerts love giveaways. For example, branded flash drives loaded with your music are usually well received. You can also create and hand out business cards or flyers.

The A&R Rep

Aside from promoting your music to find new fans, you should also consider trying to reach A&R reps if you are not yet signed to a music label. There are many representatives, managers, and promoters constantly looking for fresh talent across any genre. Understand the best way to reach them – either personally or online, and start contacting them. Most will actually have open ears to what you are doing.

The music journalist

Just as you are an artist creating the best music you can for your fans, journalists are constantly looking for the most interesting content to write for their readers. In the digital age, there are relevant journalists with great followings for almost any topic. Find both bloggers and reporters for big publications that write specifically about the type of music you create. If they see a good story in you and your music, you will be written about and shared with all of their readers.

The big trendsetter

As an artist, you are probably very interested in discovering new music of your own. Its worth it to think about where you discovered some of your favorite music and how you connected with the artists that you now listen to regularly. Was it at a show, on social media, on streaming radio, or from a friend?

Have any other interesting ways to promote music? Leave your comments below!