7 Tips for Artists to use Social Media Effectively

To start in an obvious way, using social media effectively is critical! Phones, computers, tablets, etc are all devises that people are constantly using to check their social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, twitter, and Linkdin.


Social media has increasingly become a source of connection and spotlight. However, the amount of effort that goes into being regularly active and followed on social media is often overlooked.


Using social media platforms effectively is a great way for music promotion and music discovery. Here are 7 tips to use Social Media Effectively as an artist:

  1. Have multiple social media platforms: Be active and post regularly about your music on all your social media platforms. This is especially important when you're promoting a new single or album. The more you post, the more it will be seen.

  2. Engaging content: Differentiate your posts by changing the way you present the content; make it more engaging for your fans.


  1. Engage with others: Interact with your fan base and people in the music industry. For example, twitter a great way to personally reach out and speak with people. You could retweet and share your fans and others musicians posts. Another way to engage is by posing good questions. It allows your followers choice in what you’re doing. For example, asking a question about your content and events shows fans that you care about their input.

  2. It’s not all about you: When writing about music don’t only endorse yourself, write about other subjects relevant to the music industry.

  3. Follow people back…show that you care: People love to feel connected and loved. Many artists are over focused on getting followers, rather than interacting with their fans. The more people you interact with, and the more your fans love you, the further you will be promoted and make the connection that you need.

  4. Post at a prime Time!!! ie: not in the middle of the night.

  5. Exposure is key to building a fan base. Artist's often have small budgets to promote their music, and advertising is essential. You want your music to be publicized. People will become your fans when they have heard your music and have read the content you post.