A Personal Post from the Intern.

Hello, my name is Jae Shin and I just finished my first year of college. Right now, I am currently interning at Feature.fm and they told me about their blog. Intrigued, I said I'd give it a shot. I wasn't entirely sure of what to write, so I'm just going to talk about what music is to me and my plans for entering into the music industry.

Like all art, I believe music is an expression of self. We all have different ways of interacting with the world and letting the people around us understand what is going on within us. That isn't to say all music is serious, parodies and party music have their own purpose to literally talk about the artist's interpretation and experiences. Personally, I find myself more drawn to music that expresses emotions or tells a story because it gives me insight on the artist as a person, not just some idol or icon.

I actually decided fairly recently that I wanted to enter into the music industry, because it didn't fully click into my head that I actually can pursue my passions. Now, how did I get here? Well, I threw out a fishing net and prayed to God that a fish would bite. In other words, I sent out 27 applications, and received word back from 3. 1 rejection, 2 acceptances. I'm actually juggling both acceptances right now.

A lot of people look at what I'm doing, and just say, wow you really have your stuff together, but to be honest, I'm not 100% certain what the hell I'm doing. All I know is that I want to enter the music industry, and one day change it. I want artists to be able to come in without needing to compromise their morals and beliefs. If anything, they should be able to use music as an outlet to express those morals and beliefs with the world. Media has a strong influence in the world, and I believe through music, social change can be sparked.

My attitude is similar to many aspiring music artists. We don't like to sit around, planning out every single step, calculating every risk, because you can't. Sometimes, you need to just get out of your chair, and just TRY something. The first step is always exposure, and no one is going to know who you are until you go out and meet people. As I'm sitting here trying to write this post, I'm talking to my boss about the different places I applied to, and he's telling me that he knows a lot of people who work in those companies.

The music industry isn't that big, but like most cliques in high school, it's hard to get in. You just gotta put out what you got, and hope for the best. If there is success, awesome, if not, learn from failure, right?