Become a Digital Rockstar: Using Social Media During Your Live Concerts


You may be a rock star on stage, but what about on social media?

As a musician your mission it to make music and perform. So, why bother with social media? Although your music may be amazing, it doesn't promote itself. Social media offers independent artists a powerful tool to promote music to mass audiences in just a click of a button, or tweet.

Promoting your music the traditional way by performing live gigs is equally as essential. But, imagine the opportunity you have to increase your following and exposure by combining social media with live performances. Yeah, we know, pretty compelling right?

When your priority is focused on creating music, the world of social media can be quite overwhelming. Follow these simple social media promotion strategies and you’ll be on your way to social media stardom.

1. Create a trending hashtag

It’s time for your music to #trend. The influence of a hashtag can be endless, so get your fans on board and create a buzz. When creating your hashtag you have two options: create a general one or specify it for each city you’re touring. Keep in mind, you don't want to make your hashtag too long. Abbreviations are your friend. When brainstorming a quality hashtag consider these questions:

Are you playing a new venue?

Did you just release a new song?
Do you have a unique tour name?

Your hashtag doesn’t only need to be used to create hype before your show, but can also be utilized for your fans to live tweet. Between all of your fans, there are thousands of potential new fans. Your fanbase is your own personal news outlet. By creating a custom hashtag, you’re opening the doors to more fans and more digital promotion.

2. Post pre-show teasers

There’s nothing like creating a little suspense, and social media is the perfect sidekick to do so. Your fans are anxiously waiting your concert, so why not create even more anticipation. Post a behind the scenes photos of your and your band or a funny photo of the prank you played on your drummer who fell asleep on the tour bus.

Another way to create hype is to post a short clip of you singing or giving a shoutout to your fans who will be attending your show.

3. Create a contest

This may require more time and brainstorming, but can be extremely effective in creating buzz before a show. Not only is it powerful for music promotion, but it is also a fun way to engage with fans and build a community.

Whether your contest involves fans posting a photo, a hashtag or whatever other creative ideas you may come up with is up to you. Try to come up with a prize targeted to your fans like free tickets, meet and greets or free merch.

4. Post photos with your fans

Don’t underestimate the power of a #selfie. We’re not telling you to invest in a selfie stick, but selfies are pretty much the new autographs. Posting a photo with a dedicated fan not only builds personal relationships, but also makes great social media content. And of course, your fans will love it.

The show may be over, but your social media presence isn’t

The live tweets and photos are great, but how can you take it to the next level? By continuing your digital music promotion after the gig ends of course. After your celebrating ends and you’ve successfully passed out from exhaustion on the tour bus, it’s time to get back on the social media bandwagon.

You created an awesome hashtag, so now’s the time to track it. Search your hashtag and comment and like the posts from fans who used the hashtag. Post a thank you shout-out to your fans with a photo or video clip from the show. Whatever you decide, just make sure your continuing to interact with your social media community.

Interacting with your fans in person is essential, but don’t neglect your social media groupies— their hashtags and retweets can go a long way.

Do you use social media during your live performances? Tell us your tips by tweeting us at @featurefm or in the comments below.