Feature.fm Saturday Spotlights Vol. 2


Good Morning!

Whether you've had an amazing, busy, or dreadfully awful week I hope you're as excited about the weekend as I am. For me, weekends should be all about good music and great food. With that in mind, I've prepared a pretty epic mix for you this Saturday. Perfect for drinking coffee and taking in the morning sun.

While you're busy checking out some of our amazing Feature.fm artists why don't you give some of this week's blog post a read. This week we covered Becoming a Digital Rock Star and Apple Music vs. Spotify.

One of this week's favorite artists was Dancing on Tables. This 5-piece indie rock band from Dundermline, Scotland does in indeed have an infectious style. They successfully blend what they have received from the rock gods and added in a good dose of indie pop. Think the Arctic Monkeys meets The Kooks. Their song Susie will help you better understand what exactly I mean.

On Wednesday, our #songoftheday was The Controversy's Queen of Chinatown. Let's just say that it's exactly what we needed to help us get over Hump Day. This electronic art-pop duo mixes intricate electronic beats with unusual and psychedelic melodies. As if this wasn't enough of a reason to love them, The Controversy is also the LGBTQ Person of the Year in 2012.

If you haven't ever listened to The Golden Hippie, go check her out now. And that's an order. This "Phoenix baby gone La La Land" spuns beautifully contagious melodies with cinematic alt-pop music. I for one, can't wait for her upcoming albums. In the meantime, here is her song Human Animal.

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