Feature.fm Fridays Vol. 1

At Feature.fm HQ the end of the week means it's time for "Feature.fm Fridays" — our weekly roundup of the songs we jammed along to the in the office!


We welcomed the month of July with fireworks, ice cream, burgers, beers and of course some festive tunes.

First up is “Night on Fire”. Ryan Thomas’ dark and sexy ballad expertly blends both old-country flair and modern, adult pop.

Sasha Daniel’s dreamy new single “Compass” was definitely Tuesday’s favorite.

NYC-based singer-songwriter Liz Brennan’s track “Expected to Fly” had us tapping our feet and wanting to drive away into the sunset. No seriously.

“Love and All” by Earrthchild is quite simply put, ethereal.

We ended the week on a high note with “Until the End” by J-Hamz... well, because Friday.

What were you guys listening to this week? Tweet us at @featurefm.

With that we hope you all had a great week and wish you a 4th of July filled with nothing but stars, stripes and mayhem ;)

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