Growing Your Fanbase via International Music Promotion


Want to grow your fanbase and promote your music internationally? can help make that happen.

"As an indie artist in a non-english speaking country, options to get airplay are very limited," Roy Dotan, Private Men.

We know this to be true for many indie artists in general, so it can be that much more challenging in many cases for international artists to promote songs. It can often also be difficult to determine which countries to target your music to outside of your own.

When Roy Dotan, from the Israeli, indie psychedelic pop duo Private Men, reached out to us about his immediate fan growth and increased engagement rate, we felt inclined to share how international artists are benefiting from

Before delving into Dotan's personal experience, let me just start off by saying I'm not here to boast about all of the benefits can offer undiscovered artists like him— well only a little. But seriously, at, we genuinely love to hear from our artists who use our platform to build authentic relationships with listeners and grow their fan base.

Roy Dotan from Private Men ardently contacted's CEO, Lior Aharoni, expressing his excitement for the instant and positive results he received on [Soundcloud]( " target="_blank) after setting up his first campaign. In just one day, his first use of generated:

1. More than 4,000 Soundcloud plays

2. More than five likes on each of his songs

3. Almost 30 percent follower increase

"With I got thousands of plays in 8tracks that resulted in visits to my site, Dotan said. "People have bought my music online and we even got featured in a music blog."

Beyond Soundcloud, Private Men pleasantly got a fan shoutout via Facebook saying:

Found you guys via 8tracks, amazing tunes, keep it up! Greetings from Dresden, DE :)

While getting artists' songs played is a main mission at, we know that there are more benefits to our platform than music exposure. Private Mens' campaign highlighted these additional benefits:

Learn about your fanbase demographics


Private Men is a group from Tel Aviv, Israel, so they wanted to find out where their fanbase was located beyond their own country. After creating a campaign, they found that the United States had the largest number of plays, with 1,056 of the 3,818 total song plays generated from the campaign.

Just like Private Men did, after creating a campaign, you can view the analytics and determine where your music is being most frequently played and the most strategic target audience for your song promotion. Now, when you head on your next tour or promote again on you know exactly where to target.

Find out what songs your fans like most


Private Men changed their EP after using They noticed that the song they originally promoted as their single was not that most liked by their fans.

"Choosing a new single was very easy after seeing which song got the most engagements," Dotan said.

Create real relationships with fans


Likes and song plays are great, don't get us wrong, but to have actual two-way conversations with your fans is what it's all about. Just like Private Men, having a fan take the time to directly reach out on Facebook and in Soundcloud comments is not only positive reinforcement, but a great way to initiate a personal conversation with fans.

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