The Importance of Social Media in the Music Industry

The axis of rotation may make the world spin scientifically, but social media is the ultimate globe spinner. Artists are constantly getting discovered through social media and it's a perfect platform for the artists to start marketing themselves.

Benefits of Social Media

Get your music out there

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Before the social media age, artists had to go to every label and radio station to give their demo. With social media it's easy to get your music out there and heard. is all about helping you get your music out there on platforms that you might not have explored yet.

Build a Fanbase

Your fans love your music and want to get more access to it. They can get access through social media platforms and When you set up your account for make sure that you add all of your social media platforms so your fans can find you and start the word on how awesome you are. The music industry is all about word of mouth; by making your social media platforms current with all the cool new music and content you're working on, people will definitely be talking.

Get a Record Deal

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I know...I'm making giant leaps here but social media has definitely helped artists get discovered. Labels are looking for new talent every day and the more your music is out there the more likely it is to be discovered. I mean look at Lana Del Rey, she was discovered on the internet just by being her amazing self. Your music is worth listening to, so make sure people can hear it.

To be on top of the charts you have to be on top of the social media. Make a plan for your social media accounts and stick with it. Keep people engaged and maybe you can be the next Lana Del Rey.