How to Expand Your Fan Base

With streaming and social media extremely accessible in today's world, there are several ways to get your music heard and expand your fan base. Some artists find this difficult, but with the right steps your music can be heard all over the world!

First and foremost, no one is going to be a fan of your music until they've heard your music. You can't say you're a fan of Rihanna if haven't listened to her music. Placing your music in as many platforms as possible is key to gain listeners.


Do not underestimate the power of the playlist. The more playlists your songs are in, the more exposure (and streams) you'll receive.


Soundcloud is a great discovery platform. Make sure to always upload your songs on Soundcloud, and try to reach out to similar artists to share each other's music.

An artist's social media presence is crucial. Be active on all social media platforms, primarily Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Share posts from similar artists, music platforms (Billboard, Complex, Fader, etc), and most importantly, post your music!


Live shows are significant in order to broaden your fan base through in person exposure. Performing at restaurants, bars, clubs, and festivals are all great ways to reach a new audience, and show them your talent up close.

Promoting with is another way to reach more listeners. With our sponsored song campaigns, your music can be promoted to a targeted audience in Deezer, 8tracks, and more, allowing your music to gain more streams, get added to playlists, and build a larger audience.

Through, your music can also be placed in ads on top music websites including Billboard, Fader, EDMHunters, and more. Our laser precision targeting enables the artist to promote their music directly to a specific audience of their choosing. Our real-time analytics allows artists to track plays, engagements, skips, and more, along with identifying their best performing songs.

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