Is there a key to a hit song?

People are drawn to different types of music and have different preferences. Moreover, there are many amazing songs out there, but only some make it. You can’t predict what songs are going to blow the charts, but there are some key qualities that these songs have.


What makes a song popular?

  1. Having a good campaign: are people hearing your music? Is your music being discovered? Having people constantly listening, hearing, and seeing your music is important. People can’t love you or your music if they have never heard it before.

  2. The music must grab the listener’s attention (like a thesis in English class). The song must have a good rhythm; you want people to replay your music.


  3. The music should have both predictable and spontaneous moments. Repetition within a song will allow listeners to have a sense of what is going to happen. Variation between songs will make people want to listen to more.

  4. How relatable is your song? Find away to connect to your fans with your music. For example, many hit songs deal with relationships. You want people to be humming, dancing, signing, or just chilling chilling with the beat.

  5. Don't reinvent the wheel-many of the most popular songs are simple. Focus on making the music from your heart and relatable.

  6. Make the music unique. It is important to create variety. What makes your music different?

Ultimately, a lot of skill, motivation, music strategy, music promotion, and music discovery must happen to create a hit song. It’s a long ride to the top, so hang on tight! Hopefully you will be the next global hit!