PartyNextDoor is For Real

Partynextdoor is still so underrated. He produces and writes all of his own stuff and that should not be taken for granted. He created a whole new style; it contains trap like beats with soul or R&B samples in the background. His first mixtape "PartyNextDoor" is so groundbreaking because it's what brought him onto the scene with the help of his ever-important Drake co-sign.

Some songs on that tape are kind of raw because he's trying to figure some things out with writing, production, and his overall sound because it is, after all, his first project. His second tape, PartyNextDoor2, is him at a higher and more finished level. He seemed to have figured out a singular sound for the project that went hand and hand with his songwriting.

As a result, PartyNextDoor is blowing up and ready to tour with most mid to upper- level independent artists at semi-large venues and sold out shows. He even got production credit on Drake's last solo project "If You're Reading This It's Too Late", which really helped his music promotion. More importantly, Partynextdoor has his own interlude on the album. The last time Drake gave someone their own song on his album, it was to a guy by the name of Kendrick Lamar; that says a whole lot.

Truthfully, the genre of R&B has become a lost art. It is very difficult as an artist today to promote their music as just an "R&B artist." This is where Partynextdoor comes in. He transcends the genre with a sing/rap technique to coexist with trap-like production while sticking to the common R&B roots of love, sex, and heartbreak. With his already shining reputation and clout in music, PND can truly be someone who pioneers a new and booming era in R&B. This can be made possible by PND producing for other mainstream artists like Drake that bring new sides and life to the genre of R&B. This contributes to him getting so much radio airplay. Artists such as Rihanna, Beyonce, The Weeknd, and Frank Ocean could all benefit from the production of Partynextdoor.

Bringing Partynextdoor to the forefront of R&B could truly bring about a new beginning to the art form. His influence on music has become apparent and he's only two mixtapes deep with no debut album. The future is bright for PND, and hopefully R&B as a whole.