The Ever Changing world: Technology as a Resource

The internet is full of what seems to be an endless amount of information and resources. However, many of these resources and technological innovations are daunting and difficult to navigate. As an artist, it has become increasingly important to make your music known, and discover where your music fits into the world.

As an artist it is critical to constantly have people listening and familiarizing themselves with your music. is a digital ad platform that was created to allow artist’s music to be easily accessed by people.It allows artist’s music to be heard through the radio and other steaming services.


The music industry is all about knowing the right people. is a great way to get your music out there and gain a fan base listening to your music! It is an easy way to use technology as a platform to promote your music and target a larger audience. Social media platforms and will help make your music seen and played more often.


The power of technology is key. Having your music played on the radio and becoming active on social media is huge within todays ever changing world. Using technology as a resources will allow you to envision your music in new and creative ways that will get people talking and listening to your music.