The Ultimate Guide to Get onto Spotify Playlists

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Getting your music on Spotify playlists can be a game-changer for independent artists looking to expand their audience and gain recognition in the music industry. Here are some specific tips to increase your chances of getting into Spotify playlists and optimize your music career.

  1. Prepare Your Music
  2. Create an Engaging Spotify Profile
  3. Release New Music Regularly
  4. Leverage Music Blogs and Playlists
  5. Utilize Music Distribution Services
  6. Promote Your Music Online
  7. Submit Your Music to Spotify Playlists
  8. Reach Out to Playlist Curators
  9. Collaborate with Other Artists
  10. Engage with Spotify for Artists

Prepare Your Music

Before submitting your music, ensure that it is of high quality and professionally recorded. Make sure your songs are properly mixed and mastered to compete with other well-produced tracks on the platform. Take advantage of various music services like Distrokid and Tunecore to distribute your music to a broader audience and increase your chances of playlist placement.

It is often said that it takes much more than good music to make a name for oneself in the world of music. However, good music remains essential; otherwise, you won't convince anyone. Don't forget your passion for art and why you make music. A truly personal and well-executed music project will always find its way to the right ears, so make good music and then do what it takes to make it heard!

Create an Engaging Spotify Profile

Craft an attractive and concise artist biography for your Spotify profile. Use this space to highlight your uniqueness, genre, influences, and notable accomplishments. Include links to your social media profiles and website.

Visuals are also very important on Spotify. Your main image is what people who visit your Spotify profile will see first, so make sure it best represents your musical project and its current state.

Your song covers – the visuals you assign to each of your tracks – will also have a significant impact on your listeners and the attractive power of your musical project.

Also, consider adding Spotify Canvas to each of your songs. It's proven that Canvas videos significantly increase listener interaction with your music.

Making your visuals attractive on Spotify can help you increase your streams. The more streams and listeners you get, the more positive signals you send to Spotify and playlist curators, and the more likely you are to be included in Spotify playlists.

Release New Music Regularly

Consistency is key. Spotify's algorithm tends to favor artists who regularly release new music. Aim for a consistent release schedule to keep your audience engaged and increase your chances of getting noticed by Spotify's curators. Explore various genres and collaborate with other artists to diversify your music catalog and cater to a broader audience.

Leverage Music Blogs and Playlists

Collaborate with music blogs and influencers in your genre. Send them your music for potential inclusion on their playlists and blogs. The more exposure your music receives from these channels, the higher the chance of getting noticed by Spotify curators. Explore licensing opportunities for your music in TV shows, movies, and advertisements to expand your reach and gain more visibility. 

Utilize Music Distribution Services

Music distribution services like TuneCore, CD Baby, and DistroKid can help get your music onto Spotify and other streaming platforms. These services make it easier for independent artists to reach a wider audience, increase their chances of playlist placement, and collect royalties. Explore partnerships with record labels and explore sync licensing opportunities to get your music featured in various media outlets.

Promote Your Music Online

Use social media platforms, music blogs, and other online channels to promote your music. Engage with fans, build a loyal fan base, and encourage them to follow you on Spotify. Increased streams and engagement will catch the attention of Spotify's curators. Explore collaborations with indie musicians and reach out to influencers in different music genres to diversify your promotional efforts.

Submit Your Music to Spotify Playlists

Spotify has a dedicated webpage where independent artists can submit their music for playlist consideration. Research and find playlists that align with your genre and submit your tracks accordingly. Be sure to follow their guidelines and make personalized pitches. Additionally, explore opportunities to submit your music to radio stations and podcasts to increase your overall visibility.

A sure-fire way to get in touch with Spotify playlists, and be sure that your music will be heard and receive feedback, is to use Groover, the music promotion platform that has already won over thousands of artists.

Reach Out to Playlist Curators

If you manage to find the contact information of playlist curators, you can reach out to them directly. Show genuine interest in their playlists and explain why your music would be a good fit. Personalized messages can make a difference and increase the chances of getting noticed. If you want your music to be listened to and receive honest feedback on it, the most effective way is to use Groover.

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Collaborate with Other Artists

Collaborate with other independent artists to create cross-promotion opportunities. Featuring other artists on your tracks and being featured on theirs can help you tap into their fan base and increase your chances of playlist placement. Explore collaborations with artists in different genres to diversify your musical portfolio and attract a wider audience. 

Engage with Spotify for Artists

Use the Spotify for Artists platform to gain insights into your listeners and engage with your audience directly. Use the data provided to understand your audience better and tailor your music to their preferences. Additionally, explore opportunities to collaborate with other artists on projects beyond music, such as podcasts or live events, to enhance your overall brand. 

Remember, getting featured on Spotify playlists takes time and persistence. It is essential to continue creating quality music, promoting yourself, and engaging with your listeners. With dedication and perseverance, you can increase your chances of playlist placement and gain valuable exposure in the music industry. Stay tuned for more updates on how to maximize your music career and navigate the ever-evolving landscape of the music business.

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