Tips for Artists on Social Media

Tip #1: Look at the demographics of your followers

What kind of people are following me on Instagram that aren't following me on Twitter? And consider why. Does it even matter to have this social media account? Do people even still go on MySpace?

Tip #2: Have a mission statement on your accounts

Include a bio. State what you want to get out of your followers on social media. "Here is why we have a Facebook.." "This is what we intend to use Facebook for.."

Tip #3: Determine a voice

Who's going to be creating and changing your content? Have a consistent voice. First person, third person or etc.

Tip #4: Link your accounts

Managing your passwords is important. Make sure your handle or name is consistent on each social media account. If your band name is 'Copy Paper' your Twitter shouldn't be 'CopyPaper' but your Instagram is 'CPaper' and your Facebook is 'C_paper7'

Tip #5: Look at what other people in your genre are doing

Checking on your fellow musicians may benefit you in ways that you haven't thought of.

Tip #6: Create a social media calendar

If you know that you are dropping an album on November 1st, then you should be alerting your followers by at least October 1st.

Tip #7: Be creative!

Drive user attention and engagement!