The True VALUE of Music

Ever Since I was a kid, music has played a major role in my life. Whether it was from the first album I ever listened to with cursing on it, (Red Hot Chili Pepper “Blood Sugar Sex Magik,” my parents were not happy about that one) to the artists that defined my formative teenage years, “Eminem”, “Bone Thugs N’ Harmony”, “Puff and the Family”, and “Ma$e”, to the transformative and magical Beatles albums I used to listen to as one 52 minute track that I downloaded from Limewire music on my first iPod, music has always accompanied me, or depending on how you view it, led my life development and cycles I went through. As I have grown up and gotten older, music has always and will always be at my side; like a dear friend who is always in the same mood you are in or the mood you want to be in, music is something very important to most of us.

I recently read an interview on Phonofile’s website with famed producer and Music Biz entrepreneur, Tom Silverman. A lot of what he said really resonated with me and related to the music company I now work for, As he says,

Just about everyone who has been successful in the independent business started with nothing; I mean no money, no relationships, no expertise, no experience. They were naïve people, usually in their 20s, who loved music and wanted to start a label. Other people have come with millions of dollars and not been successful. Being successful as a label has nothing to do with the amount of money you have, the expertise you have, your relationships or your knowledge of the business – nothing. Only a passion for the music and vision is required.

Now, I don’t believe we have nothing. In fact,, I truly believe, is one of the most innovative and captivating technology companies in the world, specifically designed to upend the music industry, but the truth is undeniable. When we started about 2 and a half years ago, we were young, we didn’t come from the music business, we had very few relationships that were handed to us, and we were operating on a very tight budget. Today, looking back, it's a different story. We've built our product and our amazing team, developed realtionships and worked with thousands of artists, and today feel that we can deliver what we believe to be the most important thing out there to to any musician: A GUARENTEED WAY TO GET YOUR MUSIC PLAYED TO THE RIGHT PEOPLE. As Tom Silverman says in the interview mentioned above, “If you are right in your belief that your music needs a voice but doesn’t have a voice in the business today, you have a great shot.”

That is what is all about. Our dream and our mission, is to make sure every artist has an opportunity to get their music heard. Nobody knows who the next Bob Marley will be, and no one knows what country the next band like Led Zeppelin will come from, that is except for one group of people… The Fans…

Music should not be about some aristocratic or elitist group of people sitting in a board room deciding who’s music will mean something to whom. Rather, it should be the fans who vote with their hearts and ears. is a platform that puts the power of the fan directly at the reach of every artist, no matter how big or small their budget is, what label they have representing them, or who they know. We let the music speak for itself.

“Like any other industry, our industry was trying to figure out a way to stabilize the past and the way the business was. They weren’t looking to identify new opportunities in the future.”

We only have one goal in mind as a company, to make sure that every artist has an equal and fair chance to find the listener who their music is made for, the listener who will hear your music and know that you are meant to be together, the fan who when he hears your music, it will change his life!

That’s what music is all about!