Five Twitter Accounts Musicians Should Be Following

In the world of social media, almost everyone self-appoints themselves as an "influencer." It can be a bit overwhelming finding the accounts you should be taking advice from among the thousands of music-centered blogs and Twitter handles. Whether you're looking to find the most effective ways to promote your music or just discover other artists for inspiration, Twitter can be an essential tool. narrowed down five Twitter accounts every musician should follow, each with something different and equally valuable to offer. Check them out:

Ari's Take- [@ArisTake]( " target="_blank)

Why follow? This Twitter account's mission, "Helping musicians succeed in the music industry," says it all. Ari Herstand offers a wide-range of advice, from live shows, digital promotion tips and how to improve your songwriting skills.

**Indie Music Filter**- [@indiemusicfiltr]( " target="_blank)

Why follow? Plain and simple, this account filters you quality indie music. Tweets include videos, playlists and reviews of the best new music found online. Listening to other indie artists allows you to see what other musicians are doing and what music fans are listening to.

Bandzoogle- [@bandzoogle]( " target="_blank)

Why follow? Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter have stolen the stage when it comes to digital media music promotion. But, let's not forget where it all leads back to— your website. Bandzoogle, a website builder created by musicians for musicians, offers tips and best practices to help enhance your music website.

MusicClout- [@musicclout ]( " target="_blank)

Why follow? While Twitter is a valuable resource for fans to discover your music, it can be just as useful for you to do some discovering for yourself. MusicClout lists current opportunities for musicians to take advantage of. The account posts opportunities of management companies seeking artists and magazines looking for press features.

**Hypebot**- [@hypebot ]( " target="_blank)

Why follow? It's easy to get caught up in your own music, but if you want to be a part of the industry, it's smart to know what is going on in it. Hypebot offers you the perfect balance. Posts include the latest music industry trends, while also offering sound advice for the aspiring musician.

What are your favorite music Twitter accounts to follow? Tweet us at @featurefm or leave a comment below.