Why I Still Go To Concerts

Over the past 5 months I’ve been to about 11 different concerts and I have tickets for 2 more within this month. Why do I go to so many concerts?

  1. Discover new artists
    I often find out about new acts because they are opening for acts I know, or acts I know are opening for them. For example, I first discovered Flor because they were performing at the same show as my friend Taylor Mathews. So last month I went to see Flor live again and this time they were opening for Colony House and Coin – now two bands I love because of that concert.

  2. I get to sing-along with the actual artist
    Nothing beats singing at the top of your lungs to your favorite song along with the actual artist. There is something magical when they stop singing and everyone in the crowd keepings singing the lyrics right back at them.

  3. The energy
    The energy and adrenaline and overall atmosphere in a concert is something you can’t get from anywhere else. The moment the lights dim and everyone knows the act is coming on. The energy from everyone dancing together. Seeing the artist’s love for music.

  4. It’s fun
    I get to spend a night out with my friends. Often we make new friends with whoever else is having fun too. It’s a night to remember and to enjoy. Sure beats singing along in my car.

I could go on about why I love concerts. The main point is that concerts are something that can’t be replaced by anything digital. It’s where the real magic is.

I’ve made two different playlists of some of the artists I’ve seen recently on 8tracks and Spotify if you want to check them out.

My Latest Concerts from mollyronan on 8tracks Radio.