10 Tips for Increasing Your Streams

  1. Use Smart Links
    ~Smart Link is a shareable URL that automatically reroutes fans to your music within their preferred streaming service. Because of the wide variety of streaming services people use today, it’s important that your fans have access to your music on the streaming service they use. Smart Links ensure that you get the streams you deserve on every platform~

  2. Set up a campaign
    ~When you create a campaign with feature.fm, all you have to do is set a budget, a platform, and an audience, and we do the rest. More people will hear your music and you will be able to see the analytics behind your campaign~

  3. Post about your music on all your social media
    ~Posting about your music on social media will ensure that your fans know you’ve released music and help them feel a more personal connection to you~

  4. Encourage other people to spread the word
    ~Whether on social media or in person, the more people you can get to talk about your music, the better~

  5. Play live
    ~When you play live, you have a chance to gain stronger fans. Be sure to mention you have your music available for streaming, so they continue to listen to you after the show is over~

  6. Send your music to blogs
    ~Your own promotion is important, but people are more likely to trust someone else’s opinion on your music, since there is less personal bias. When blogs post about you, you not only come across as a more sophisticated artist to your fans, but you also have the potential to gain new fans through the blog’s audience~

  7. Get on playlists
    ~Just like with blogs, you can always benefit from being recommended by someone who doesn’t have any personal obligation to you. By getting on playlists, your music will probably be heard by people who like music that is similar to yours, so they will be more likely to save and share your music~

  8. Make a music video
    ~By having a visual to go along with your music, you give your fans more entertainment and something else to associate with you and share~

  9. Collaborate with other artists
    ~Not only will a collaboration give your fans a different sound than they’re used to, but you will also double your audience for the song because of the other artist’s fans~

  10. Post about some of your favorite artists/Create your own playlists
    ~When you post about other artists, you not only become a source for people to discover new music, but it’s possible that the artists you post about will return the favor and increase awareness about your music as well~