3 Tips to use Twitter Effectively as a Musician

Twitter is a great tool to message, build, and engage followers. Here are some tips for the best way to use Twitter to your advantage and drive people away.

1. Tweet engaging content

It seems obvious, but many artists only send consitent tweets that beg followers to check out their new single or their new YouTube video. Don't use Twitter solely to tout or promote yourself. People will get numb to it. It is not the best way to keep followers interested or to listen to your music. Twitter followers like to engage with tweets that they find interesting and engaging. Try to send them messages and links that peak their natural curiousity. This will keep them coming back for more because they will associate your twitter handle with content that they want to look at because it's compelling.

2. Talk to your followers and ask questions

The best way to find out information is to ask. If it's a compelling and interesting question, people will want to get involved in the discussion around a good question. Ask them what they think and how the feel about certain events or content. Talk to your followers.

3. Retweet, favorite, follow back. Show some love

People want to feel connected to their favorite artists. Many artists are too focused on "collecting" followers and miss out on the entire experience of interacting with their fans. Twitter is a great platform for showing your fans that you care about them. Follow your fans so you can stay up to date on what they are tweeting. Retweet and favorite tweets that you find interesting and that you think the rest of your followers will enjoy. Show your followers the love and respect that they show you.

Follow these tips and you will see your Twitter following increase with fans who are more engaged.