8 Questions Artists Should Always Be Prepared to Answer

When your band is in the beginning stages of getting interviews, it can be a very exciting time. Unfortunately, when your band isn't that well known, interviewers don't have much opportunity to ask you unique questions. Here is a list of some commonly asked questions you should always be prepared to answer for interviews:

  1. What kind of music do you play (genre, style, etc.)?
    ~this is an obvious question people usually like to get out of the way so they can decide whether your style is even something they're interested in listening to~

  2. Who are your musical influences?
    ~similarly to the previous question, if people enjoy the music of your influences, they'll be more likely to enjoy your music~

  3. How did you get into music?
    ~This question is an opportunity for you to tell your backstory and create a more personal connection with your fans~

  4. Who is your dream collaboration?
    ~This is a fun question for you to dream as big as you'd like~

  5. What else do you like to do besides music?
    ~this question is an opportunity for you to be more relatable and for people to see you as more than just a musician~

  6. What is your favorite song of yours?
    ~If people haven't heard your music before, this question might guide them to the first song of yours that they will listen to~

  7. What is the story behind (one of your songs)?
    ~Everyone loves hearing the backstory behind one of their favorite songs...use this as an opportunity to make your fans more interested in you as a person~

  8. What is next for you?
    ~Always have a plan for what is to come next so people have a reason to keep checking in on your music and social media~