Are you adapting? The Impact of Technological Convergence

These days as artists, we often struggle to meet the entire criterion it takes to get ourselves out there. From the material we write, to the shows, the time in the studio, keeping up with trends, managing your social media, your image, and maintaining relationships... It’s all very difficult to keep up with.

We are challenged to produce material that must be approved by the masses before we are ever heard. Otherwise, we’re really just banking on the planets to align (for most of us at least). There is some light. New opportunities for artists are emerging everyday, even more so, with the artist at the forefront of this vision. With the renaissance of technology we have been presented with new routes for spreading our music efficiently and making it more likely that we are heard.

The masses have taken to the streaming services. From a consumer standpoint, they take the cake. Physical sales are continuing to fall and downloads are lagging. It’s better to go with the grain on this one and take part in this massive convergence. The model we are working today doesn’t exactly require us to press CD’s anymore.

Uploading your music to a digital platform is not costly and accessibility is ultimately effortless. It’s hard to believe that there was a time when people didn’t share what they were thinking or their new favorite new track. But, ensuring that you are heard is another story. Promotion and interactivity across multiple platforms is a necessity, and is often a difficult task to complete on your own. This convergence in media is reshaping the way the music industry works. Focus on your music. Let’s work with current changes and grow, together.