Artist Spotlight: Leilani Wolfgramm's artist spotlight this week is Leilani Wolfgramm, singer, songwriter, and guitarist, from Orlando, FL. Her music intertwines R&B/soul with reggae vibes, topped off with her incredibly strong vocals. Many of the lyrics in her music showcase her roots from the island of the Kingdom of Tonga.


In 2011, Leilani and her brothers Zach and Nasur created their own reggae band 'Hor!zon', touring all throughout America. After a year with the band, Leilani veered into a solo track, releasing her first EP, 'I Burn', debuted in 2013.


In 2014, her highly anticipated album 'Rebel' was released by Roots Musician Records, which included 10 tracks featuring OZZIE, Gonzo, Hor!zen, and E.N. Young.

This past year she released two singles, "Sinner" and "Heaven", which bring out her R&B side.


Leilani has toured with Fortunate Youth and the Supervillians, along with having shared the stage with acts such as Ballyhoo, Dirty Heads, Tribal Seeds, Sublime ft. Rome, New Kingston and The Movement.

With just under 25k listeners on Spotify and 30k followers on instagram, Leilani's popularity is constantly growing as more and more people discover her astonishing voice and fun persona at live shows.

Listen to Leilani on Spotify and learn more about her on Facebook.