Artist Spotlight: The Telescreens

The Telescreens are an alternative rock band originally from Los Angeles but currently based out of New York. Jackson Hamm formed the group with three friends during their sophomore and junior years of high school in LA. The band’s music emulated folk rock and showcased Hamm’s strong songwriting and guitar skills.

During his Hamm’s freshman year at the Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music at NYU, he met Alex Bean. The two first years hit it off musically, and Bean offered to produce Hamm’s song “Crazy”.


Producing “Crazy” became part of Hamm and Bean's daily routine. The two would wake up at around 6am every day to use the unoccupied Clive recording studios on campus, along with staying up until the depths of dawn working on the track. Hamm and Bean opened up to each other and revealed their most vulnerable sides of themselves in order to fully understand each other for a better writing and musical endeavor.


The Telescreen’s most recent release “Happiness” has helped them book performances at the Bushwick Public House, Diviera Drive, and Arlene's Grocery.

Listen to "Happiness" on Spotify or Deezer, and check out The Telescreens on SoundCloud.