Controlling your Artist Image

Ahh, music. Yes, art. Expression. Live free. Compose. Do what you do best.

But don’t lose yourself. A band’s outward image can be a deal maker or breaker. Fundamentally, it’s one of the most important aspects to preserve. Here are a couple quick tips to ensure that people are viewing you, as you want to be seen.

What does an artist's “image” embody? Well, a bunch. Your image is a direct perception of the artist made by fans. This includes how you look, talk, your songs, videos, posts, and behavior. There’s a lot there in that sentence. But most of these things are in your control.

What is it that you’re really trying to convey to your fans? (Aside from that beautiful music you make)

Let’s take your music for example. If you’re getting fidgety because you’ve been working on something for a good amount of time and are ready to jump the gun on releasing it…don’t. Wait. Mis-launching could cost you. That extra week listening for errors won’t cost you anything, and ultimately it will save your fans. If the quality isn’t there, your fans won’t be.

BE PROACTIVE. Cultivate local support. That means go out and spread the word amongst the community. Let your locals know about you. They’ll help your following grow.

How about the mouth on your drummer at gigs or your bassist that likes to party? Be professional when you’re out and about. Having fun is all good. But getting out of control will cost you your next gig. Be mindful that word travels fast in this business.

Don’t go crazy nit picking. Not everything is possible to control. Just do your best and be mindful. It will help you in the long run. Being in control of the negatives is a lot easier than controlling your positives; those come easy.