New: Re-order the Email Collection widget on your links

There are tons of great ways to collect fan emails through your Landing Pages. One of the most popular is the "Email Collection" widget. This tool allows your fans to share their email with you directly on your Smart Link pages.

Now, there's a new way to include the Email Collection on your landing pages and re-order it anywhere you'd like amongst your other stores.

How to use it & what's new:

  1. The "Email Collection" widget has moved to your Stores List, so you can add it to your links just like any other store

  2. You can easily edit the text and re-order it amongst all of your services and stores on your link

  3. Share it and continue to collect your fan emails

Pro Tip - Add the "Email Widget" to your default stores in your link settings so it's always automatically included in all new links you create.

Try it out