Feature.fm's extends beyond Pre-Saves with "Action Pages" that reward fans for saves, follows, and more.

Get fans to take actions like Follow, Save, Pre-Add, Stream, and more in Apple Music & Spotify

Feature.fm launches Action Pages to help build your audience

Action Pages are highly engaging pages that reward fans for taking the actions you want in the platforms you want and provide you with deep insight into your audience.

Choose from a range of actions like pre-save, save, follow, and more available for Apple Music and Spotify with more streaming and social platforms coming soon.


##**How it works**

1. Fans click on an action of your choice

Encourage your fans to pre-save, pre-add, follow, save, or take other actions directly in Apple Music or Spotify.

You have the option to reward fans with exclusive content, contest entries, and more that gets unlocked after they click the action.

*Pro Tip: Fans log in and connect their Apple Music or Spotify Accounts directly through the API.

2. Feature.fm completes the action and ensures you also get followed

Any fans who click Pre-Save, Save, or Follow Playlist will also follow your artist profile and automatically follow your playlist, so you can increase your streams and followers.

###**3. Collect fan emails and view audience insights** You **get fan email addresses** and **deep insights** into your audience with info like Spotify Profiles, Locations, ages, follower numbers, and more about how fans engage with your Action Pages.

We'll also send all of your remarketing data to your Facebook Ads, Google AdWords, and other ad programs for you to target highly segmented audiences with your ads.

Action Pages are super simple to create.

Start getting more fans in just a few minutes

  1. Simply log into Feature.fm and navigate to the new "Action Pages" tab
  2. Create a "New Action" page and follow the simple steps
  3. Start sharing it everywhere!

##**Get 14 days of unlimited Action Pages Free**
You can create unlimited Action Pages with Feature.fm's Marketing Suite. Start your 14 day Free Trial of Feature.fm Pro now.

Check out how Monstercat is using Action Pages for their "Rocket League X Monstercat" Playlist: