feature.fm Saturday Spotlight vol. 18


In our Saturday Spotlights, we highlight four of our favorite artists of the week, including three feature.fm artists and one very special guest.

Here are the awesome songs and artists we loved listening to this week:

Carter & Cash by Tor Miller

Brooklyn native **Tor Miller** is the new kid on the block. Amongst all the Brit boys from James Bay to Ed Sheeran, Tor is reclaiming pop-folk. He recorded his first song "Hold the Phone", on his iPhone, which drew the attention of **Glassnote**, the label home to Mumford & Sons, Chvrches, Phoenix, and Childish Gambino. Carter & Cash is his new single. Tor is currently working on his new album. We can't wait to hear more his beautifully ardent voice.

Spend My Time with You (Electro Swing Remix) by 11 Acord Lane

**11 Acorn Lane** is an electro-swing duo comprised of Thomas Feurer and Neal Pawley. MSN Music calls their jazzy tunes “a groovy concoction of lounge music and contemporary electronics spiked with top notes of surf rock, cha-cha and brass.” We believe that's pretty accurate. 'On TIme FOr Tea', their sixth studio album for the Wooden Hat label, was released earlier this year. It's a collection of 13 **1920's inspired sounds**, with hints of funk, lounge, latin, and exotica. Play them at tonight's house party. It sure will shake things up a bit.

Enough by Saint Ballantine

**Saint Ballantine** is an electronic production duo born in the in **the Clubhouse** -- an extraordinary artistic collective in South Brooklyn. The duo, comprised of Brian 'Sene' Marc (of electro-pop outfit Denetia and Sene) and Andrew Thomas Reid (ATR777), specializes in producing entrancing, chillwave jams. Perfect for your after-party.
_________________________________________________________________________________________________ *Bliss* by **Quentin Martiny (Somnanbule Recordings)** Based between Paris and New York, **Somnambule Recordings** is an electronic music label, created under the impulse of childhood friends. The audio and visual production is defined by great artistic freedom, far from the codes and standards of the music industry, and an increased sensitivity directly addressing the heart of music lovers worldwide. To reflect the values of sharing and communion that we hold dear, the majority of the musical catalog is available for free.

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