feature.fm Saturday Spotlight Vol. 11


In our Saturday Spotlights, we highlight four of our favorite artists of the week, including three feature.fm artists and one very special guest.

Here are the awesome songs and artists we loved listening to this week:

Holy Water by Taylor Casey

**Taylor Casey** is a 23 year-old singer-songwriter from Austin, Texas. In the past year alone, Taylor has gone from studying Business Administration in Malibu; to living in Spain and Argentina; and finally to studying songwriting at NYU. Oh, and somehow he's also managed to set up his own record company, Sherpa Records. His music is best described as uplifting Americana. Think Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes meets Bob Dylan meets Jake Bugg. His new EP was released last April and we highly recommend that you stream it. Preferably in a field somewhere.
*Lent the Hand* by **An Ordinary Day** **An Ordinary Day** is the solo-project of up and coming artist Joshua Swonke. The Houston-based DJ describes his music as a blend of smooth, soulful, and edgy vibes designed to capture the essence of life. We're inclined to agree. His new track, featuring Ned Singh's vocals, was released earlier this month. We promise it will get you up going in the morning and more importantly get you pumped for the weekend. Blast his one as loud as you can and be sure to boogey.
*Cloud 9* by **Blanche Eden** **Blanche Eden** (pronounced 'Blonc Eden') is a R&B singer-songwriter from Brooklyn, NY. Blanche debuted her career on stage as a ballet and tap dancer. Her musical style is a delightful clash between eclectic dance music and soulful vocals. She cites her biggest musical influences as Brandy, Sade, Beyonce, and Mary J. Blige. Check out Blanche's [soundcloud](https://soundcloud.com/blancheeden) for more!

Gold by Kiiara

Kiiara is a 20 year-old singer-songwriter from Illinois. Her debut single Gold was released this summer. We came across her while browsing Solange Knowles' soundcloud Saint Heron. Oh boy are we glad we did..! We'll be playing it on repeat while we wait for the release of her debut EP "Meet Me in the Cornfield".

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