Feature.fm Saturday Spotlights Vol. 9

In our Saturday Spotlights, we highlight four of our favorite artists of the week, including three feature.fm artists and one very special guest.

With the summer winding down after Labor Day, we've been sharing a lot of music to fit the mood. Check out these awesome songs and artists we loved listening to this week:

How Far We've Come by Citizen of the World

**Citizen of the World** has built on the success of the foot stomping Folk-Rock genre to carve a new genre described by one competition judge as Epic Folk. The band successfully combines the unique sound of the saxophone with acoustic folk and traditional rock to have you reflecting on the stories that shape your life

Erase by Sasha Daniel

**Sasha Daniel** is an emerging Brooklyn based Russian-Israeli Singer-Songwriter. She presents a warm, yet shadowy dreamy debut collection of experimental indie pop.

Grace and Faith by Wake the Sun

**WAKE THE SUN** plays loud rock! Let me repeat that in caps for emphasis: **WAKE THE SUN plays LOUD ROCK!** They are a real blues-based, soulful, LOUD thing. Listen to them slash and burn, watch them tear up the stage, and feel their passion.

Seaside by Duke Evers

Duke Evers is born from an unbridled urge to play pure, loud, energetic rock-n-roll. Duke Evers began its life in a simple living room in the Capitol Hill District of Seattle in late 2012. After moving in together as complete strangers, it didn't take long for guitar/vocalist, Josh Starkel, and drummer, Kyle Veazey, to discover the musical chemistry that they possessed. Equipped with nothing more than a guitar, a toy drum set, and a handheld recorder, Duke Evers was created. With a never say die attitude, they continue to evolve and establish their sound.

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Enjoy these great tunes and don't forget - kick back, relax and enjoy the final days of summer!