Feature.fm Sunday Sessions Vol.1


For our inaugural Feature.fm Sunday Session we selected 5 Feature.fm artists very near and dear to our hearts. While you listen, check out 5 Twitter Accounts Every Musician Should Follow and Growing Your Fanbase Internationally.

15 year old **Drew Cayla** is a ridiculously talented folk singer/songwriter from Connecticut. We're amazed that one so young could create something so beautiful. Here is her song *"This Fire"*.

Spare Planet joined us all the way from Köln, Germany back in June. Since then it's safe to say that we have fallen in love with their eerie sound. Mr Nostalgia is off their new album Streaks.

Ohio native Ryan Thomas released his new album Night On Fire last month. His song of the same name is definitely an office favorite.

As soon as we listened to Lunatic Wolf's "The Tallest Tree" we knew we had a winner. This six-piece band from Johannesburg, South Africa has all the ingredients to make it big.

Last but certainly not least, we've got Wolf Colony. He is very much the lone wolf, describing himself as an anonymous singer/songwriter. His synth-pop inspired music and his unique vocal presence however, making us want to join his pack. His track "Beauty" will make you understand why.

For more amazing music check out our #8tracks playlist below:

Summer Haze. from FeatureFM on 8tracks Radio.

That's it for today kids. Until next time <3.