Feature.fm Top Songs September 2014

Top Feature.fm songs in September, 2014 across all genres determined by the listeners!

This was a very EDM and Hip Hop heavy month. The playlist has a solid selection of EDM that transitions into Hip Hop and ends with a move to Pop/Rock.

Track List:

  1. When The Lights Go Out Bombs and Bottles
  2. 01 Galavant - World Of Dreams (5 & A Dime Remix) 5 & A Dime
  3. Lana Del Ray - Ultra Violence (Hook N Sling mix) RADIO EDIT FINAL Hook N Sling
  4. Snow Patrol - Chasing Cars (Gazzo Remix) Gazzo
  5. Aerosoul Feat. John Ward - Time Is By Your Side (Nigel Good Remix) Nigel Good
  6. I Feel New Robert Lux
  7. Anders - I Wish (Ercy Mirage Remix) Ercy Mirage
  8. Save The World - Nightime ft MI-6 (Music Innovators) Nightime
  9. What Yall Wanted Ft. Pusha T & Silent G Mr.843 Dame Daniels
  11. To The Face Big Chi Chi
  12. 3005 Childish Gambino
  13. Billboard Art Morera
  14. Another Friend Ryan Schmidt
  15. West Virginia and these Cigarettes Skrizzly Adams
  16. Save Me The Humble Grapes
  17. Raygun Matthew Heller
  18. Leave Me Here Chimes
  19. Arthur Come On, Really You Can't Be Serious The Hush Now
  20. Sleeping Alone Zeke Hunter
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