feature.fm Saturday Spotlight Vol. 16


In our Saturday Spotlights, we highlight four of our favorite artists of the week, including three feature.fm artists and one very special guest.

Here are the awesome songs and artists we loved listening to this week:

Dawn by Salt of the Sound

**Salt of the Sound** is the award-winning collaboration of husband and wife duo Anita and Ben Tatlow. Their aim is to create beautiful sounds and songs to soothe the soul. Anita and Ben are currently based in Stockholm, Sweden where they are also leading the music ministry of Immanuel International Church. Their sweet and soulful sounds are a welcome addition to the feature.fm family. Play their songs whenever you feel some soul-searching coming on.

Drown by LYND

**LYND** is a pop-rock band from Budapest, Hungary. Their sound is mix of old and new, with a touch of electronica and dream-pop. Since their debut concert back in 2013, they have released two EP's "Lost and Found" and "The Dream".

Down to be you Man by ATR777

Brooklyn-based producer **ATR777**, also known as Andrew Thomas Reid, is the creative director of the artist residency farm BKLYN1834. NĪ”TIONS who we featured last week is also part of that same collective. ATR777's track "Down to be your Man" is based a vocal chop of a phrase he spoke to his then-girlfriend. This trippy song will remind of the good old fashioned video games you used to play back in the day. If you're into beautiful visuals, glowing jellyfish, and Shanghai's cityscapes, be sure to check out the [video](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HMTcO8fyUmo).
_________________________________________________________________________________________________ *We Move Lightly* by **Dustin O'Halloran** **Dustin O'Halloran** is a self-taught pianist from Pheonix, Arizona and now based in Berlin, Germany. He gained serious recognition with his score to Sofia Coppola's 2006 film Marie Antoinette. Formerly of the dream-pop outfit Bella Union, Dustin has since released three solo albums including "Lumiere". He has quickly become one of the most recognizable names in the post-classical" music scene. We can't wait to hear more of his breathtakingly beautiful music.

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