Find your own unique sound and create a new genre in the evolution of music

Where do genres of music come from? The key to being a pioneer in music and becoming a superstar is find your own unique sound. If you can create a new genre never heard before, then you will be at the forefront of a revolution.

The Grateful Dead have been credited with pioneering the Jam Band genre. Nirvana was credited with pioneering the Grunge genre.

Artists who invent their own, unique sound have been proven to have a better chance at breaking through. They invent new genres that people have never heard before. This requires the ability to truly find your own sound and identy. Using influences from different genres allows you to take those pieces to come up with something entirely new.

The invention of new genres and styles will never end. Look at the evolution of music throughout history. From tribal hymns to classical to jazz to the birth of rock and roll and into modern genres. The evolution will only continue!

Will you invent the next style of music for the next generation?