Getting guaranteed streams using Sponsored Songs campaigns

Nobody does it like us. is an industry-leading music marketing platform used by top labels and music marketers. Use's "Sponsored Songs" and your songs will immediately be played to fans who are currently listening to your style of music.

Here’s what our customers have to say:

Since Deezer is big internationally, I would particularly recommend to any artist trying to reach a targeted audience outside the United States. If you’re building a presence in another country or about to embark on an international tour, could be a great way to get your music to fans of your genre in that region. - Chris Robley, CD Baby Author

Within the 2 campaigns, Deezer listeners added “The Harvest” to 195 new playlists. From my experience, there is no way I would’ve been added to so many playlists for $200 in 48 hours ( in 2 campaigns) using Spotify. Deezer seems to have the edge here, in my opinion. - Anté Svircic, Anté's Music

What are sponsored songs?

Sponsored Songs are played to listeners through the non-interactive radio-style portion of Deezer and Audiomack’s free tier.

For example, when a user plays "Electro Radio”, we would play your Electronic song in place of the traditional audio ad, and the user will be able to interact with the song like any other on the platform. This includes adding the songs to playlists or taking further actions like visiting an artist profile, an album page, etc.

Why create a campaign?

  • Boost Streams

Set up your track as a sponsored song that gets streamed* to active listeners that like your style of music on Deezer and Audiomack.

  • Get Added to Playlists

Listeners will interact with your sponsored stream just like any other song - including adding it to playlists, saving it, and following you on the platform.

  • Reach More Fans

Get heard by fans where they're already looking for new music like yours.

How do they work? Here's how to set it up in three steps:


  • Create: Create your first campaign by logging into your account. Go to your “Ad Campaigns” tab.
  • Target: Select a Deezer or Audiomack campaign. Once selected, you’ll be able to choose your targeting.
  • Budget: Set your budget for as little as $10.

Click here for further instructions to set up your Sponsored Songs campaign!

What your fans will see:


What is Deezer?

Deezer is a diverse, dynamic and personal global music streaming service, where you can listen to your favorite songs, artists, and albums. First launched in France in 2007, Deezer now reaches listeners in over 180 countries across the globe, having 16 million monthly active users and 6 million paid subscribers. Deezer is now the world's third most popular music streaming service.

What is Audiomack?

With a focus on music discovery, Audiomack is a great space for independent musicians to showcase their newest releases. Audiomack is a free streaming service where you can discover some of the hottest and trending music available to stream and download. Audiomack first launched in 2012 and now has over 1.5 million daily active users. provides you with access to all of your most important music marketing tools to grow your fanbase every day and guaranteed streams to your target audience.