How a Link-In-Bio should be setup

How a Link-In-Bio should be setup

The most important real estate on any artists' social media platforms is their Link- In-Bio. Artists can focus on promoting and building their audience, selling tickets and merch and much more with just one link. This allows artists to gain more than just follows on their largest social media platforms. offers the best music-focused Link-In-Bio with enhanced capabilities to list all of your releases, embed YouTube videos or Spotify players, collect email addresses and highlight your tour dates.

With our Bio Link,  you can set your social media platforms up for success and build your audience.

Collect emails and phone numbers

Use our Bio Link to collect email addresses and phone numbers so you can contact your fans directly with the latest news. Tip: make sure the email or messaging button is placed at the top of the Bio Link.

Customize it

Tailor your Bio Link to fit your branding with custom background options including GIFs, change the colors of button and text, and add your own CTAs.

Make it easier for fans to discover your other social profiles by including the links to all your social media platforms at the bottom of your Bio Link.

Promote the latest (merch, press, release and tour dates)

List all of your latest releases, new merch, showcase your newest press and link your tour dates on your Bio Link.

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