How any artist can get meaningful radio promotion

When you look at spending money online to promote your music, you may often look at your direct Return on Investment: How much money you get back based on what you put in. This means you are always viewing your online spend as part of your "Digital Marketing" budget. However, what is often overlooked here is the value of actually getting your music heard and bringing your radio promotion strategy to the internet.

We view as an essential part of your radio promotion strategy and radio promotion budget.

The goal of radio promotion is keep your song in rotation so that you are consistently getting airplay and exposure. The notion here is that music discovery will lead to music consumption. You need people to hear your music to discover you and become your fan. This is why it's important to always use some of your budget to keep your song in the rotation.

Labels spend a lot of money on radio promotion to achieve this. When labels spend money on radio promotion, they are not directly linking it to a return, they are looking at the exposure for their music. However, most artists can't get anywhere near terrestrial radio. This is where opens fair access to all artists to get consistent airplay. Guaranteed.

With, you can keep your song in the rotation on internet radio, constantly reaching new fans.

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