How helps artists is a company that is devoted to helping artists. We work with over 8,000 artists to help them reach more fans in streaming services.

91% of artists are undiscovered. They don't have a way to get their music into traditional radio even though many of them have amazing music. Before we built we asked ourselves, If my song is 1 song out of 30M songs available to stream, how do I stand out in the crowd? How do I get people to listen to my music?

Sadly - most artists currently have less than 1,000 plays on streaming services. It's not about the music quality or their potential to succeed. It's mainly because of that fact that the only way to fall in love with a new song is to listen to it and there is no easy way to drive plays to new music. Once a song is ready and live in streaming services, the biggest challenge artists are facing is getting people to listen to it. allows any artist of any size to get their music played in less than 10 minutes. is all about providing artists with a new set of tools to promote their music where people actually listen to it, inside the streaming services. We want to see more up and coming artist getting into playlists and building their careers. is the most cost effective place to help artists get exposure with proven results.

In terms of the model and our vision, we feel that it's important to point out why we're here and how is looking to help artists:

1. Artists need to promote their music

Currently, artists' music lives in streaming services, but they are forced to advertise outside of streaming services. Many artists spend money on Facebook Ads, Google Ads, etc. These ad platforms are not built for music and are very expensive. We provide an ad platform that allows artists who already are spending money on promotion to reach fans where it matters most, inside streaming services for a fraction of the price and only charge if the song is heard for at least 30 seconds, a meaningful length of time.

2. The best way to promote a song is to play it to people

The main problem that we are trying to solve is that artists' biggest challenge is actually getting their music heard. If an artist doesn't get exposure, how will they reach more fans? Music is not like other products that you can explain what the value is and ask if they want to buy it. The value of music is different to each individual and must be experienced to understand what the value is to you.

Musicians are artists who put their heart and soul into creating great music. However, once it’s created, they often have limited resources to bring it to market. When they do, they face the challenge of actually getting their music heard.

3. is an advertising choice for artists

It is up to the artist how they want to promote their music. Some choose to spend money and some choose to focus on free, viral techniques. For artists who currently pay for any sort of advertising or promotion, we want to give them a better ad channel that is built exclusively for music. This will not discount any other forms of promotion and no artist is certainly forced to promote this way.

4. Currently, promotion in streaming services is reserved for big label and brands

All artists of all sizes deserve fair access to streaming services to promote their music. Currently, promotion is reserved for big players with big money. There is also evidence of shady payments to playlist owners to insert songs into playlists. provides a fair way for artists to advertise inside streaming services.

5. The money for music must come from fans

The debate over how much artists get paid from royalties is completely fair, but even if Spotify paid out 100% of their revenue to rights holders, it still wouldn't be enough. At the end of the day, everyone's biggest concern should be how to get fans to pay for music again. Compensation must come from consumers of music so that there is more money to pay to rights holders.

6. How can be utilized without spending money

We created to give artists the best way to promote their music. After working with thousands of artists since our launch, we noticed that many artists still have little to no marketing budget to promote their songs. We wanted to provide a solution to these artists as well. We realized that at the end of the day, the money for music needs to come from fans. In a world that every song is at your fingertips, fans now choose to support and pay for the music they love in new ways. We decided to create something special that fits the way consumers behave rather than the way we want them to behave. Spotlight was born. This is why we're launching Spotlight next month. This is a platform that will actually allow fans to directly support their favorite artists by getting them more exposure so artists can earn more revenue.

7. We make for artists

We constantly speak with artists who we work with to learn about their biggest needs and challenges so that we can look to push in a direction that best helps them. We're a new and growing company with plans to offer amazing tools that help artists build their careers.

If you're an artist, we would love speak with you to understand how we can develop to best help you.