Independent artists, it’s your time to shine.

Recent reports from music analytics company, Next Big Sound and 8tracks have disclosed that the 25% of streams being played out there are Indie Artists. About 30 million hours a month of those are indie streams. Millenials love the movement and it doesn’t look like they’re slowing down. They also love to share.

Emphasis for musicians should be made on Innovation, Collaboration, and Integration. Push yourself to write. Create your own movement. Collaborate with each other. Finally, remember that integrating is making use the tools that are readily accessible.

Music discovery has come a long way! 8tracks has just teamed up with CD baby, INgrooves, Dim Mak and Dash go. and 8tracks work closely together to ensure that you’re heard amongst the masses. Radio promotion no has a whole new meaning. The power of radio hasn't changed, but the way people listen to the radio has changed. This means that you can have a much more effective radio promotion strategy within new radio. Check out our other blog post to learn more about what we are doing to support our artists with 8tracks: "Why 8tracks is the best partner for