It's quality not quantity: Why you should focus on getting your music to the right ears

There is not a single artist that everyone likes. I've said before that when you are promoting your music, focus on getting as many people as possible to hear it. But when you have a very limited marketing budget, I'd like to correct that point to focus your efforts on reaching as many quality people as possible.

What does this mean? You need to target people who are the most likely to enjoy your style of music. If you're a hip hop artist, why would you try to reach a mass market for your music to an audience that may include stricly country music fans?

Narrowing your promotion to the right audience will get you a much better rate of fans. Quality fans.

This lesson can also be brought into the actual production of your music. Don't try to create something to please everybody as it could result in not connecting with anyone. It's better to mean something to a small group of people than to try to be something for everyone and ultimately reach no one.

So when it comes to promoting your music, take advantage of the ability in the digital world to target your music to the right ears. It's important to know your audience and target market.