Loud & Proud (Part 2): Highlighting Feature.fm's Favorite LGBTQIA+ Labels and Artists

Feature.fm would like to thank all of the artists and labels who submitted their links to be featured for June Pride. We were so impressed with your submissions, and wish we could've highlighted all of them! Keep an eye out for some upcoming opportunities to be featured with us...



"Letting artists be weird since 2018."

22Twenty, is co-founded by one of Feature.fm's very own Head of Business Development, Michael Sherman. 22Twenty is a boutique record label and artist services company. Check out their Pride Artist Picks below.

Cop Kid - ffm.bio/copkid


"A soundtrack to the inevitable quarter life crisis" - COP KID


Video games, relationships, gradient sunsets and self-realization… CopKid: Greatest Hits Volume 2 is an endless summer on stereo. Simultaneously confessional and universal, the five track debut is a combination of crushing insight into the 2021 anxiety psyche and a tribute to the nostalgia of doing nothing. Tripping between melancholia and optimism, with the mood shifted by either by a particularly emotive episode of Grey’s Anatomy, or the bittersweetness of falling in love, then broaching queer identity with parents, grandparents, and society in general…

Cop Kid is Boone and Marny, former frenemies who crossed paths as solo artists in the music scene in their Utah town, before bonding when one needed the other to help them out of a musical bind. Marny sings, Boone produces as they find the common ground between Sonic the Hedgehog soundtracks and post-internet pop. The resultant collage of raw vocals and trampolining bass beats captures the intimacy of bedroom pop without the introversion, breaking free from the four walls to make it as far as the beach or into the city.

“It’s the soundtrack to the inevitable quarter-life crisis: simultaneously recognizing the world is so much bigger than you, while still being hyper-focused on your own shit,” say Marny and Boone about the record.

That idea is crystallized in the debut single, “Big World”, a pop anthem for staying home hoping it’ll rain, that hides a self-aware exploration of the blurred lines between self-care and self-isolation. The protagonist is wracked by the choice between streaming services, face masks and security or the big world and its infinite pitfalls, demons and emotional peril - like a Sega platform game. With one piece of electro artpop, Cop Kid sets the tone for an introductory record that draws from all the memories, thoughts, locations and internal conflicts in the back of your mind and the archived photographs on your cell phone.

Baby Bulldog - ffm.bio/baby_bulldog


Baby Bulldog is who I am - a masculine butch person making music, writing about women.”

Madge - ffm.bio/madge

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AntiFragile Music


"AntiFragile Music was established as a hopeful effort of collaboration and transparency for important cultural music artists in today’s music landscape. We are a curator label and distributor for what we believe are select, culturally distinguished independent music artists."

ffm.to/manlikethat - M@n Like That - Clear Mortifee


"Non-binary Alt-R&B artist Clear Mortifee demonstrates their creative vision through spiritual vibrancy and erotic sanctification, initiating an important evolution in the narrative surrounding femme empowerment, trans identity, sex, and art.

*Their 2017 debut album Medicines included collaborations with Grammy-winning producer Chin Injeti (Drake, Eminem), found a home on the Oprah Winfrey Network, and garnered praise from the likes of world-renowned Hype Magazine, dubbing them “a modern pop star with the message of love behind [their] music.”

With recent features on Forbes Magazine, MTV News and The Fader, and over 5 million streams on Spotify alone, Clear Mortifee invents music that is poignantly suited for our times." - http://clearmortifee.com/know

Our final Pride Artists Picks:

ffm.bio/nickcatoire - FFM Bio Link - Nick Catoire

ffm.bio/waq1kjx - FFM Bio Link - Katie Tich

ffm.to/smallmint-liv - "smallmint" - Liv

ffm.to/onbehalf - "On behalf of me, you're going crazy" - Borellus Boris


Last week's Artist Highlights:


ffm.to/omr0jer - One More Day (Theme from "The Seven Chambers")- Ben E. Davis

ffm.to/strangertosaviour - "Stranger to Saviour
" - X. ARI

ffm.bio/tika - Tika

soundslikelago.ffm.to/runthistown - "Run This Town" - Diamondhead x Lago

occurrencemusic.ffm.to/ihsml2g - "I Have So Much Love To Give" - Occurence

Previous Artist Highlights


ffm.to/dot2dot - "Dot 2 Dot" - Grace Savage

ffm.to/mrrainbowpride - "Mr. Rainbow Pride" - Hello John

ffm.to/boysinthestreet - "Boys In The Street" - A Great Big World

ffm.to/tiedyesky -"Tie-Dye Sky" - GRiZ

ffm.to/nothanks - "No thanks" - Olivia Swann