Make the most of your Merchandise

Merchandise is a vital part of the revenue stream of independent musicians. This basic component can be the difference in your tour funding.

1. Create driver/incentives for your fans.

Create a social media campaign, contest, or giveaway and incentivize your fans into actually wanting your merch. Create the demand that you aren’t getting.

2. Use applications.

Create accessibility and ease for your clients to obtain your merch. A newer app created just for artists, Sidestep, allow your fans to get your merch on their schedule, skip lines, make pre-orders and more. (

3. Be unique.

Offer more than just a t-shirt. Give them multiple mediums to choose from. People like to have choices.

4. Scalable Merch.

Give your fans some affordability, they may not necessarily want to spend $40 on one of your tees, so what? Give them a $4 bracelet. Anything that takes your band exposure to the next level is great.

Good luck and sell away!