Music Promotion in Streaming Services: Artists gain another link through 'New Radio Promotion'

Throughout the past few years, we’ve seen the major streaming services develop comprehensive products for their listeners. This includes generating serious recommendation algorithms and allowing users infinite customization options, which are the keys to making their services so inviting to fans.

Now that they have come up with solid foundations, it's more important than ever for streaming services to support artists with their music promotion by allowing them to participate in what we call, 'New Radio Promoion.'

We stand with streaming services who want to help artists of all sizes get their music heard in streaming services, where artists' music lives and where fans listen. All artists should have the opportunity to find their fans and be able to make a living off of their music.

'New Radio Promotion' means reaching fans in the way that they listen to radio today. The reason terrestrial radio promotion was always so effective is because it's the one time that people give up control over what song they are listening to. It's ideal for music discovery. As the big transition to streaming radio and internet radio is taking over, we want to work with streaming services, artists, and fans to help artists with their music promotion to reach fans in the way that they listen to radio today!