New: Pre-Saves that convert at the local release time in each timezone

Local Release Pre-Saves automatically convert your Pre-Save links at the local release time in each timezone 🕐

No more having to wait for the release time in your specific timezone and fans all over the world can access your music as soon it’s released in their country!

What exactly does that mean?

Let’s say your music is being released in London at 12AM local time, but isn’t out yet in New York.

At midnight in London, your music is saved to fan libraries and fans will be directed to stream your music while fans in New York will still be able to Pre-Save.

Learn How To Set Up Your Local Release Pre-Save

For directions on how to create a Pre-Save with Local Release, click here

Who is this available for?

Local release is available to all our Pro Artist, Marketer and Pro Marketer users.

Try it out