Now you can make sure your favorite artists get the plays they deserve

Music is important to everyone. We all love music and artists make music for it to be heard. Music has always been there for us and has forged the various soundtracks to our lives. Now, with millions of songs at our fingertips, the days of needing to purchase music and owning it are dwindling.

It's more important than ever to support the music that we all love and the artists that create it in new ways. As fans, we now have the power to choose how to support the music we love and our favorite artists.

We are excited to announce the launch of Spotlight

Through Spotlight, you can buy song plays for artists in streaming services! That's right. When you Spotlight an artist, their songs will immediately be played directly to people who are listening to music in streaming services. And as a supporter, you will show up as the song sponsor, letting new fans know that the song they're listening to is brought to them by YOU.

By making sure the artists you love get more spins, you are actively helping them produce more music for you to listen to.

Make sure that artists you love get the plays they deserve!

We invite you to Spotlight some artists we love!

Kayla Diamond

"Making music is the most important part of my life and I want to share it with the world. As a fan of my music, you can join and support me by Spotlighting me! When you Spotlight me, my songs will immediately be played directly to more listeners. Thanks for the support!"

Hollis Brown

*"All 5 of us have varying music tastes. One thing we bonded over as a band right from the start was the importance of songwriting. We were influenced by writers including Bob Dylan and Lou Reed. We enjoy writing music that has a story, a message, and a purpose to share with the world."*

The Zombies

*"We make music and perform for the love and enjoyment of watching people react when we hit that stage. We wouldn't have stood the test of time were it not for our incredible fans and the love they have shown us. We want to allow people to connect with each other who also enjoy our music. By choosing to spotlight us, your help can allow our songs be heard all over the world for many more years to come. Thank you all for the continued support."*


*"To me, music is the great uniter. Music is my world. It’s the biggest part of me and my one true vessel to sincerely effectuate change. Spotlight is an amazing tool and the ultimate amplifier for getting my music heard. I want to reach as many people as I can and your support - by Spotlighting me - will enable that to happen."*

The Gantry

*"We make music for the love of it and want to connect with people who want to hear it. By choosing to spotlight us, you help our get our songs heard by the world. Thanks for all the support."*

The Hollow Party

*"Music is our passion, and we love sharing this dream. But we are young and music is an expensive business. Any donation can help us continue our dream."*

Carl Gershon

*"Born and raised in New York City, my entire life has been dedicated to musical pursuits."*