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No matter what your budget is, we believe you deserve to have your music heard by the right audience. Simply add funds to your account and decide your own song campaign budget. Set a daily limit to control how your plays are allocated over time. You’ll never be charged for more than you want to spend.

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As the only ad platform that uses your song as the advertisement, you can expect significantly higher results than any other advertising option out there.

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Sources: 1. feature.fm CPP estimate: $0.03 2. The Facebook Ads Benchmark Report, SalesForce - Social.com, 2013 3. Average CPC Source: Actual Facebook suggested bid; 4. Digital Advertising Benchmarks 2014, Marketing Science Consulting Group; 5. Average CPC source: Actual Twitter suggested bid; 6. Hochman Consultants, 2013


Advanced Analytics

All campaigns provide real-time analytics for you to understand how your music performs.