Motivation Monday For the Aspiring Artist

No one likes Mondays. It's pretty much a fact. So, to make your day a bit more bearable, we thought we'd offer some motivation to get you by. And who better than from people who were once in your shoes?

**1. As an artist, you're bound to lose hope, but when you've given so much already to reach your dream, why stop now?** ![alt](

**2. Because every mistake means there is something to learn.** ![alt](

**3. It's not all about the money and fame, it's about always striving to reach your full potential.** ![alt](

**4. It's easy to lose sight of the bigger picture. Don't forget about the power of using your music to create change.** ![alt](

**5. As you make your music, don't forget to continue to inspire others and yourself.** ![alt](

**6. And mostly, don't forget through the whole process of ups and downs — stay true to yourself.** ![alt](

What's your favorite inspirational quote from a famous musician? Share with us in the comments below or tweet us at [@featurefm]( " target="_blank).