New Short Links: Shorten any URL to a trackable link

Shorten and track every URL you share

Sometimes, you may want to send fans directly to a URL without a landing page to promote things like your merch store, tour dates, tickets, your website, a press article or anywhere else.

The problem is that you don't want to share a long, bulky URL or miss out on valuable tracking insights from your audience traffic.

Short Links let you send fans directly to a URL and still use a clean, short, trackable link that collects retargeting data.

For example, takes fans directly to the NME Magazine feature of the Oracle Sisters new EP, 'Paris I'.

How it works

Short Links are simple to create and should be used every time you share a direct URL.

  1. Click "Create a Smart Link" and choose the new "Short Link" option.
  2. Enter the URL you want to send your audience to.
  3. Complete the set up and customization options.
  4. Once you save, you'll have a cleaner, short and trackable URL to share with your audience.

    Create a Short Link

Help Center resources for Short Links: