New premium Smart Link features help get more pre-saves on Spotify, collect detailed fan info, and more

In case you haven't been up to date, check out the newest premium features that you can access with any Smart Link Advanced or Pro account.

In addition to standard features like retargeting and affiliate commission, you get more features than anywhere else in one place.

Feel free to reach out with any questions and make sure you use's Smart Link tools for your releases!

Pre-save links that convert to standard Smart Links automatically

Want to start marketing a future release?

  • Pre-save links let fans save your music on Spotify and Deezer before it comes out.

  • On release day, we’ll automatically add your music to the libraries of everyone who pre-saved it.

  • Your pre-save link automatically converts to a live smart link on the day of the release, changing text from “pre-save” to “save” and using the same short URL.

Gated save links reward fans for saving released music & playlists

Want to get more saves for music that’s already been released?

Offer fans exclusive content, offers, or contest entries in exchange for saving your music on Spotify or Deezer.

You can also ask fans to follow a playlist you own.

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Get contact info and streaming data for everyone who pre-saves, saves, and follows on Spotify and Deezer

Territory management: Control different settings, layouts, and behaviors in different countries

What happens if someone clicks your links from France?

You probably want your Smart Page to appear in French and have Deezer as the first option.

Maybe you want to add links to your official artist store, but have a different site for people who click from Germany. You can also add different destination URLs per country for each service.

Use Smart Widgets on your sites, press releases, & in Smart Ads

Smart widgets are embeddable layouts of your Smart Links

  • Embed them on your artists' landing pages

  • Give them to publications that are premiering your release

  • Use them in Ads as Smart Ads

Track their performance in your analytics

Smart Widgets work just like the Smart Page so fans can preview your music, convert to a monetized service, and track in your analytics with retargeting and affilliate commission supported.

Need help running a Smart Ad?

We’ve got you covered. Just let us know and we’ll help you get the ad running!

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Other new, premium features added recently

* Customize your store button text
  • Set conditional redirect rules

  • Grab direct to store links

  • Set defaults in our account settings

Want access to these features with one of our premium accounts?

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