Spotlight is here.

Today, we've added a ton of awesome updates to including a beautiful, new design and the launch of the highly anticipated, Spotlight platform.

Spotlight is currently available only to Artist Accounts.

What is Spotlight?

Your customizable space to showcase your music and empower your fans.

  • Tell your story and share your songs

  • Communicate directly with your fans

  • Enable Spotlight's revolutionary fan-funding solution

Tell your story. Open yourself up to fans.

Relationships with your fans are key to your success and fans want to be a part of of your journey. Share your story and build a more intimate relationship with your fans. You can communicate directly with them. Watch how fans engage with artists who allow them to connect directly.

###Share your songs. Grow your superfan-base.

Share your songs across your networks directly from Spotlight to grow your fan-base and see exactly who your biggest fans are. Spotlight is connected directly to your analytics so you'll understand how people respond to your music everywhere. Your biggest fans are the ones who will continue to support you the most.

###Empower your fans. Get more song plays.

You have loyal fans who want to support your music. Let them. Fans aren't purchasing music the way they used to. Simply enable Spotlight's revolutionary fan-funding solution to empower your fans. Today, fans choose to support the artists they love in new ways. Fans want to help their favorite artists directly. Capture how fans pay for music today.